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Anal sex – how it happens for the first time

Anal sex – how it happens for the first time

Men love anal sex – for the opportunity to be a master in bed, get a thrill, experience a bright orgasm from "non-standard" penetration. But many girls treat this type of intimacy with caution, and some – with real fear. And this is quite reasonable, because if a man's actions are rude or careless, the partner will not only not get pleasure, but will most likely experience pain and disappointment.

However, girls often agree to anal sex. Some do it to please a man, others-as an experiment, and others want to become more experienced in bed. But few people know that an escort girls is able to experience bright orgasms from anal penetration. In the depth of the vagina there is an area, the stimulation of which causes erotic ecstasy. You can only reach this area through the back passage. If a girl can relax and let a man in, it is likely that she will ascend to the top of sexual pleasure.

If you want to try anal sex, but you are afraid, you should find out what other girls felt when they were engaged in such intimacy for the first time. First, it will help you avoid possible errors. Secondly, the fear will disappear, because there will be an understanding that so many people are doing "this".

Painful sensation
The fear of experiencing pain during the entry of the penis into the anus is the most common reason for girls to refuse this type of intimacy. But if a man does everything right, there will be no pain. On the contrary, the excitement will begin to increase, and the body will sink into pleasant waves of voluptuousness. Painful sensations may appear for the following reasons:

- short foreplay (the girl did not have time to get excited);
- very little lubricant;
- rough insertion of the penis into an unprepared anus;
- sharp frictions.

The first experience of anal sex may be positive, but the girl will still feel a little discomfort. Don't be afraid of that. Over time, when the body gets used to anal caresses, the feeling of "wrongness" will disappear.

Natalia, 23 years old
My husband offered to have anal sex, and I immediately agreed, because I heard that it is possible to experience an unreal orgasm. But we forgot about the grease. As soon as my husband tried to insert a member into the anus, I was pierced by a sharp pain. After that, I didn't even want to talk about anal sex. But a month later, my husband suggested trying again, but with a lubricant. We did it after normal sex, when I had already finished. This time it was much better, I would even say perfect. I managed to achieve the very orgasm that many people talk about. It is impossible to describe it, it is so fantastic.

Man is so built that he is afraid of everything new and unknown. The anus is not intended for sex, so when girls masturbate, they usually do not insert fingers or sex toys into it. All escort girls remember the discomfort that is felt at the moment of rupture of the hymen. And the deprivation of anal virginity seems to many to be something even more terrible and very painful.

The second fear is not to restrain the urge to defecate and get your partner dirty. Some girls are so afraid of this that they do not allow you to enter even the tip of your finger into the anus. Embarrassment will not happen if you make a cleansing enema before sex. But even this procedure is not mandatory. It is enough to go to the toilet an hour before sex.

The third fear is irreversible changes in the body. Often girls do not agree to anal penetration, because they think that this will stretch the muscles of the anus forever. And then a terrible picture is drawn in the head – incontinence of gases and spontaneous emptying of the intestines. This fear can only come true if the girl will have anal sex every day for a long time. If anal fun will take place no more than 2 times a month, nothing like this will happen.

Olesya, 26 years old

My boyfriend has long dreamed of anal sex. I decided to give him such a gift on February 23. But I couldn't relax because I was only thinking that I hadn't cleaned my bowels well enough before sex. As a result, I felt nothing but discomfort. But now we do it more often, and I've learned to enjoy anal stimulation.

Modern girls do not consider sex something shameful, unlike their mothers and grandmothers. Nevertheless, anal games cause a sense of shame for many. The girl may think that this is not aesthetic and not beautiful and can turn a young man away from her. In fact, those men who want to have anal sex, believe that the escort girl at this moment looks like never before chic.

Valeria, 30 years old

When my husband asked me to have anal sex, I was terrified. It seemed to me so disgusting that only prostitutes, and even then only a small part of them, are capable of it. But my husband persuaded me long and hard, and I went to meet him. It wasn't as bad as I'd imagined. The first time, of course, I did not finish, but my husband spent the next week looking at me with admiration. Now a couple of times a month I let him enter me anally, and then I enjoy his special attitude to me.

Desire to visit the toilet
During anal penetration, the girl may feel the urge to empty the intestines. This is quite normal and does not require any action. Defecation will not occur if the girl before sex made an enema or went to the toilet in a big way. The desire to empty occurs because the anus is designed for the implementation of bowel movement. When an object is inserted into it (a finger, penis, or sex toy), the body tries to push it back. As soon as the girl gets used to anal games, these feelings will disappear.

Lyudmila, 27 years old

My first experience of anal sex happened 5 years ago. And I didn't like it at all. With every movement of my penis, I felt as if all the contents of my intestines were going to come out of me. Although I knew it was clean because I had an enema beforehand. Now there is no such problem, and from anal sex I not only get a pleasant feeling, but even finish.

The reduction of anxiety
During the first anal sex in life, the girl may lose excitement and will not be able to get the desired bright emotions. It all depends on the partner. Caresses of the anus do not always bring rich sensations, sometimes they are perceived simply as finger movements and that's all. In order for the partner not to lose arousal, the man must caress not only the anal opening, but also the clitoris, the entrance to the vagina, and the nipples. During frictions, it is also desirable to pay attention to the erogenous zones of the girl, using hands or sex toys.

Irina, 35 years old

The first time I tried anal sex with a loved one, who in bed satisfied me one hundred percent. But I didn't enjoy it. He spent a long time fiddling with my anus, caressing it, inserting his fingers – and during this time I already did not want sex. But the next time we took a clitoral attachment to bed. And then I was able not only to get started, but also to experience two bright orgasms.

The sensation of fullness
A pleasant feeling of fullness can lead to a powerful explosion of erotic sensations. It is impossible to get such pleasure with the help of ordinary vaginal sex. The fact is that the vagina stretches well and does not hug the penis as tightly as the anus. For this reason, many couples who do not practice sex in the ass, use an anal plug. The partner inserts such a plug into the anus of the escort girl, and then enters it vaginally. The sensations in both become more acute and lead to a violent orgasm.

Eugene, 33 years old

I have been having anal sex for almost 10 years. I like to feel my penis inside a small hole. The feeling of fullness makes you want to give yourself to a man completely, allowing him to make deep and powerful frictions. But most of all I like sex with an anal plug inside – when a man enters me in a normal way, but at the same time I feel pressure in the anus. Then I come several times in a row.

If a man has not had experience of anal sex, he can cause injury to his partner. Careless actions can lead to damage to the anus or rectum. In this case, you should consult a doctor, especially if there is blood from the anus. Also, a man can bring a girl an infection in the body if he does not observe hygiene or decides to have anal sex immediately after vaginal, without washing the penis. These problems can be easily avoided if you take your time and perform all the actions carefully and gently.

Marina, 22 years old

Two months ago, I succumbed to the persuasions of my boyfriend and allowed him to penetrate me anally. But it didn't work out as well as he had planned. Most likely, he hurried to introduce a member, and I did not have time to relax. There was no blood, but it hurt to go to the toilet for the next week. Now we are trying anal sex, but so far only with sex toys. I'm starting to like it, and soon I will make another attempt to engage in full-fledged anal sex.

The first time to experience an orgasm from anal sex is quite difficult. However, with vaginal penetration, everything is exactly the same. The girl should try out the charm of anal penetration. Then she will be able to tune in to receive sexual pleasure from this type of intimacy. Most often, to achieve "anal orgasm" requires additional stimulation of the clitoris or vagina. But some escort girls can finish from anal sex and without additional caresses.

Yana, 36 years old
The very first orgasm in my life I experienced from anal penetration. The lover was experienced and skilled and was able to awaken my sexuality, although by then I had already despaired of learning how to get orgasms. Now I can come from both normal sex and anal. But the second option I like more-the sensations are brighter, and the orgasm itself is longer.

How to enjoy anal sex?
Based on the stories of girls about their experience of anal sex, we can draw the following conclusions. To get pleasure with this type of intimacy, you need to:

- trust the man who got access to the cherished hole;

- discuss in advance all the nuances regarding sexual games (the duration of foreplay, the depth of penetration, the pace of frictions);

- do not rush, listen to the sensations during the insertion of the penis into the anal opening;

- to caress not only the anus, but also other erogenous zones on the female body (clitoris, nipples, stomach, buttocks), as well as during the preparation of the hole for penetration, insert fingers into the vagina;

- use a large amount of lubricant, applying it not only to the anus, but also to the penis;

- do not tolerate pain if it appears, but change the position or go to a slower pace of frictions.

Anal sex can give partners a lot of pleasant emotions and feelings, if there is a desire to give each other joy in bed. Trust and the ability to understand the other – an important point in achieving idyll in any kind of sex.
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