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What is the difference between men and escort girls in Paris

What is the difference between men and escorts girls in Paris in terms of sexual activity

As you know, men and escort girls in Paris differ from each other not only in appearance. Many scientific and artistic works have been written about the difference between the sexes. However, it turns out that many differences in behavior or health are caused by normal hormones. Below are a few common problems that concern both men and women.

After all, who is aging faster? It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question. In women, the skin ages faster and much more noticeably, but the physical endurance and elasticity of the joints remain longer. In men, by retirement age, only 2/3 of the strength that they had in their younger years remains. But initially, men are much stronger than the escort girls of Paris! But they are several times more likely than the fair sex to have strokes, including their severe consequences up to the immobility of the trunk.

It is generally believed that escort girls in Paris are more responsive to stressful events. And at first glance, it is true – just look at any woman in a stressful situation. But in fact, men produce twice as much cortisol – the so-called "stress hormone". Therefore, their internal response to stress is stronger. Another thing is that it is not always noticeable to others.

Perhaps the main and most noticeable difference between men and women (in addition to external signs) is different thinking. It has long been noticed that people of different genders think differently. It turns out that there is a scientific explanation for this, too. The type of thinking of the future person is laid in the mother's womb – from the moment the sex of the fetus is formed, thanks to male or female hormones, both the child's character and his way of thinking begin to develop.

And here, too, you can't say that someone is in a better position. For example, boys are naturally more active, adventurous and adventurous, which allows them to achieve success in a variety of areas, including in situations where an escort girl does not "pass" simply because of natural caution. But at the same time, boys are much more likely than girls to have autism, dyslexia, schizophrenia, and attention deficit disorder – a disorder in which a child finds it difficult to focus on something, hence the less persistent and persistent pursuit of their life goals. However, if you do not take into account the various deviations that were laid down during pregnancy, the peculiarities of thinking remain throughout life. It is almost impossible to change them radically – they only get worse and become more pronounced with age.

But what the escort girls of Paris have definitely won is in the health of the cardiovascular system – they suffer from these diseases much less often than men. And if everyone can change their lifestyle (one of the reasons for a stronger vascular health in women is that there are much fewer chronic alcoholics and many smokers among them), then men will have to accept another reason for this state of Affairs. The fact is that female sex hormones, being in the body in large quantities, prevent the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques and help to improve blood supply to the heart. Therefore, blood vessels in women are clogged much less often.

But there are situations that pass almost unnoticed for a man, while for an escort girl in Paris can become a real tragedy. One of these problems is baldness. Agree that a balding man seems more experienced, serious, and often more masculine. Although the real cause of baldness is genes that contribute to the increased production of male hormones. And let cardiologists repeat that baldness is a signal of problems with the cardiovascular system (and by which side of the head a man has started to go bald, you can determine what exactly he is ill with), men always have a counterargument ready – due to the increased level of hormones in bald men, the potency is much stronger.

Another thing – escort girl Paris. Although the cause of baldness in women is the same – an increased level of male hormones, but it is perceived, of course, quite differently. Baldness is often the result of a stressful situation, severe treatment (such as chemotherapy), or trauma. And sometimes the hair falls out after the birth of a child – in this case, you should not be nervous: they will grow back soon enough.

Hormones also affect weather dependence. It is noticed that escort girls in Paris react much more strongly than men to changes in the weather – up to serious depression and complete lack of sexual activity in the winter. This is again the "fault" of female hormones – thanks to them, the escort girl is much more closely connected with nature and its rhythm of life than a man.

By the way, about sexual activity. There is an opinion that men have the strongest erection and the peak of sexual desire is in the early morning. However, experiments have shown that this is not entirely true. The degree of sexual activity depends not on the time of day, but on the mode of sleep and wakefulness – these changes, due to a powerful release of sex hormones, occur after waking up from a full sleep.

But the fact that an increase in testosterone contributes to greater sexual strength is more of a myth. Of course, if its level in the body is lowered, then sexual activity will also decrease, for which both men and women are responsible for the male hormone testosterone. In this case, you should restore the testosterone level to normal. But during the experiments, when the volunteers were injected with a highly inflated amount of male hormones, their sexual life practically did not change, but the level of aggression became almost prohibitive, up to social danger.

One way or another, all these processes in both the male and female body are controlled by hormones. Therefore, do not underestimate their importance – it is better to constantly monitor that the hormonal background is normal, and then many health problems will definitely be avoided.
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