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How to choose clothes for a full escort girl?

How to choose clothes for a full escort girl?

Now we hear more often from famous couturiers about creating collections for escort girls with curvy forms. Clothing for model beauties interests them less and less.

Often, the escort girls are outstanding forms throw up their hands, cease to follow the latest fashion trends. They believe that all fashionable clothing is designed only for "skinny", so they hide their figures in the folds of voluminous clothing. 

But very little is needed, all only-compliance with some tips and nuances that will help full escort girls to keep up with fashion, as well as feel more confident. To choose the right advice for yourself, you must first examine your physique.

In full escort girl figure flaws due to the large size are more clearly expressed. escort girl standard sizes always try to hide any flaws with clothing, (crooked legs, thin arms, narrow shoulders, etc.), and escort the girls of magnificent forms you need to emphasize your strengths (beautiful curve of the shoulder, the rounded bust, waist amid lush thighs, etc.). That is why curvy escort girls you need to know about your physique.  Escort girl figures are divided into 5 main types of physique: “rectangle”, “inverted triangle”, “pear”, “Apple”, “hourglass”.

“Rectangle”. an escort girl with such a figure has a balanced size of the chest, waist and hips, as well as slender legs. The problem place of such a figure is the absence of a waist or its weak manifestation. In this case, you need to pay attention to the beautiful hands, lush Breasts, slender legs. Belts and belts should not be used. It is also not recommended to wear clothing with assemblies around the waist or tight-fitting clothing.  “Inverted triangle”. This figure is characterized by full arms, broad shoulders, has a lush chest and narrow hips. There is one main statement for such a figure – a simple, unremarkable top and a more remarkable bottom (you can use decorative elements). escort girls with such a figure can use a tight top in dark color with a pleated skirt, a skirt in an accordion or with pants with pockets. You can use skirts and trousers with a large print, etc. The main advantage of this figure is the use of wide belts and belts. The upper part of the garment should have a deep V-shaped or oval neckline.

Hourglass – this body type is proportionally equal with the width of shoulders and width of hips, a narrow waist, and lush Breasts. With such a physique, escort girls should especially emphasize their waistline. Therefore, clothing should be fitted, or you should emphasize the presence of the waist with a belt or belt of any width. However, it should be remembered that the width of the belt should be proportional to the height, since at a low height, a wide belt can divide the figure in half and visually make it even more prominent.

“Pear”. This type of physique is considered the sexiest, especially with chic forms. This figure is expressed by narrow shoulders, small Breasts, lush hips and often full legs. Here you need to "strengthen" the upper body, as well as the waist. The lower part of the body should be dark and unremarkable. escort girls with this figure can wear blouses with collars, inserts in the decolletage and chest, as well as wear various jewelry around the neck or wear scarves. The color of the upper part of the wardrobe should be lighter than the lower. As the lower part of clothing can serve as a flared skirt, Godet skirt, and pants that extend from mid-thigh.

“Apple”. Owners of such a physique have a neat bust, slender legs, a short neck and a rounded stomach that hides the waist. Out of position – V-neck or stand-up collar. The upper part of the body is tight or tight, and the waist should be loose. It is forbidden to wear a belt or belt here, as well as pleats and ruffles. Thanks to this feature of the figure, you can wear clothing up to the knee to emphasize the slender legs.  Practically, the wardrobe of an escort girl with outstanding forms is designed to fully satisfy her. To achieve this, the selection of elegant solutions must be carried out in accordance with the following nuances.

Clothing length

For a full escort girl, their height has a great influence on the length of certain elements of clothing. Miniature escort girls and escort girls of medium height can wear short jackets with trousers. It is better to choose trousers with a high waist. Such clothing makes the legs visually longer. For a tall full escort girl, it is better to wear straight-cut trousers, and for a short escort girl, a light flared from the knee is more suitable. Curvy escort girls, regardless of height, are well suited to long jackets and cardigans. If a full escort girl has a" visible " waist, then her mid-calf skirt will emphasize it well. If there is no waist, it is best to fit a longer skirt, a pleated skirt, a Gode skirt, or with multi-colored longitudinal inserts. Moreover, the narrower the inserts, the slimmer the escort girl will look. The use of high sleeves and shoulder pads is not recommended, as it reduces the femininity of a large figure. The suit should strictly fit the size, since a large jacket separately from the skirt, as well as a large skirt separately from the jacket, make the figure massive. Most importantly, it is strictly forbidden to wear a short top in combination with a short bottom or a long top with a long bottom.


  In the wardrobe of an escort girl of outstanding size, there should not be bright or shiny belts and belts, as well as belts with large buttons, bows, scales and other decorative inserts. Costume jewelry should not be layered and voluminous.

The width of the belt or belt should be proportional to the height, since a wide belt with a low height divides the figure in half and makes it visually even lower and wider.

The neckline of the dress should be V-shaped, as it visually Slims.

You can not use skirts or elastic pants, because they can hide the waist or even protrude from under the clothes, which looks unsightly.

Elements, drawings, fabrics

Pleats and vertical slits, as well as long fasteners give the figure a slimness. Elements of embroidery, edging and other finishing work well with clothing. Plain clothing, especially dark shades, visually stretches the silhouette. The main drawings used in clothing for full escorts are vertical stripes, diagonal lines or cells, but a vertical wave can, on the contrary, distort and once again emphasize the completeness.

Please note that it is not recommended to make a color accent on the problem areas of the figure. 

Cold colors (white, purple, blue, green, brown, etc.) in clothing make the figure slimmer, and warm colors (red, yellow, pink, orange, etc.) visually make it plump. 


 Curvy escort girls are recommended to purchase small bags that can be worn under the arm or hung on the shoulder and pressed with the elbow. This bag does not attract attention, so it does not emphasize the shortcomings of the figure. But carrying a bag over your shoulder can unprofitably emphasize the waist. 


 escort girls of outstanding forms should always wear shoes with medium and, if possible, high heels. escort girl in heels always seems taller and slimmer. Also, the posture is leveled and the gait changes. In addition, the leg in such shoes is very attractive. A good look to the figure is given by shoes with a narrow toe.


 escort girls of curvy sizes have every right to wear dresses. The difficulty of choosing a dress for a full escort girl is to choose the color of the dress and its style. 

You should stick to fitted or semi-fitted silhouettes in the wardrobe of a full escort girl. You can win a lot by wearing a dress with a floor-length cut. Well-suited sheath dresses, tunic dresses, flared to the bottom of the dress. The exception is very tight dresses. Accessories and costume jewelry play a big role in choosing a dress. A plain dress is more suitable for larger and brighter jewelry, while a dress with a print is more suitable for small jewelry and a clutch.

Stretch underwear

 You can use stretchy underwear, which can hide the problem areas of the figure. The nuance is that while wearing such underwear does not cause discomfort, since it can curl, reveal unnecessary folds and strongly squeeze.  Most full escort girls are shy of their figure, so they try to hide it in the folds of shapeless clothing. But it should be noted that recently the desire to make clothing of non-standard sizes has been steadily increasing. This allows curvy escort girls to feel like fashionistas, and also remember that having any proportions, you can be beautiful and confident.
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