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How to dress escort girls of low height

How to dress escort girls of low height

escort girls Paris with a short stature often impose a lot of complexes on themselves, and very in vain. In fact, short stature is very feminine. Many escort girls of Paris of low growth during the choice of their outfit for the day make a huge number of mistakes, which make them look even lower. In this article, you will learn how to still look higher than low escort girls, and what mistakes should not be made. This list contains 5 mistakes that are often made by many escort girls in Paris.

Baggy clothing or oversize

Yes, it is now more fashionable than ever, but it is escort girls of low height that stylists do not recommend wearing baggy clothes, since it, on the contrary, visually makes them lower.

Low waist

escort girls who are below 160 cm are not recommended to wear jeans, skirts or trousers with a low fit, as again this makes them even lower. And, as many know, a low fit has long been out of fashion for everyone.

Hoodie dress

Such dresses are superfluous in the wardrobe of low girls. As in previous cases, they only make the situation worse and make the girls visually lower.


Long t-shirts and tunics should not be in the wardrobe of an escort girl Paris, which is below 160 cm. First, they will not emphasize your figure in any way, but quite the contrary, they can visually increase your legs.

Extended jackets

Stylists do not recommend wearing long vests and jackets for miniature escort girls. They will pull down already low ladies.

What is suitable for low escort girls

escort girls of small stature should have things in their wardrobe that visually can make them taller.

Dress case

Tight dresses are advised to wear escort girls with beautiful forms, as they will emphasize a beautiful figure and visually make the girl taller.

Classic trousers

Classic straight trousers can also make a girl taller, but in no case should you wear cropped trousers.


Cropped t-shirts or tops will make a short girl taller, especially if you combine them with a skirt or shorts at a high waist.

High-rise trousers, jeans or skirts

A high fit will emphasize the waist and make a shorter girl taller. Especially now it is very fashionable.

Thin belt

If you want to complement the image with a belt, then a low girl is recommended to wear a thin strap, it will not weigh down the image and will not reduce the girl, but on the contrary will make it higher. A wide belt greatly weights the image and does not look very nice on a low girl.

Print vertical stripe

Visually increase the growth of clothing with vertical stripes. Many models use this life hack.

Shoes for low girls

Many escort girls of low height choose shoes that visually reduce them, which does not look very nice. Therefore, below are a few tips when choosing shoes.

High heel

When choosing shoes with heels, you need to pay attention to the height of the heel. The ideal length will be from eight to ten cm. Also, the heel should not be bulky and weigh down the image.

Shoes that do not contrast to the color of the feet

You need to make sure that the shoes are close to the color of trousers, skirts, etc. If the shoes are worn on the bare foot, it is better that they are close to the color of the skin.

Heel thickness

Yes, this also plays an important role in creating an image. If the escort girl is petite, a hairpin is more suitable for her, but ladies with forms should pay attention to shoes with a thick heel.

Low escort girls can wear platform sneakers, preferably no higher than 3 cm. Also sandals on the same platform. Loffers look great on short escort girls.

When choosing shoes on the platform, you must adhere to the so-called rule: if the escort girl is petite and thin, she will not fit bulky massive sneakers, but a girl with a form on the contrary, it is better to wear more bulky shoes.
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