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Paris as the city of love

Paris as the city of love
For tourists, France is a real Paradise. For each. And it doesn't matter who you are: an art lover, a person who prefers quiet walks along beautiful streets, a couple of lovers, a fashion lover who dreams of a beautiful new thing, or a man who is a lover of delicious delicacies, and a real connoisseur of French wine. Let us not miss any of the charms of Paris that can be seen. Going to France, you can provide a trip where you can relax on the shores of the azure sea, as well as visit the capital of the World, Paris. This city became the capital of the most romantic country in the X century. And from that moment, it was renewed, became like a precious stone. And it is not surprising that a lot of tourists who come here feel as if they have already been here. The symbol of Paris, with which it is constantly associated, is the Eiffel tower, which is already a hundred years old. At the time, it caused a lot of controversy and clashes of opinions. It has been located on the left Bank of the Seine river since 1889.

And since then it has become one of the city's attractions. If you calculate its height, then together with the antennas, it will be 320 meters. It includes three platforms: 57 meters, 115 meters and 247 meters. Of course, the most ambitious travelers will be interested in climbing on foot, but others can easily climb it using the Elevator. The tower is a very interesting and beautiful elevation for many tourists. Here you can also go to various museums and visit various souvenir shops. One of the most beautiful places is the island of SITA. It was here that the government of France took place, and only at the end of the 14th century the Kingdom of France moved to the Louvre. Beautiful and historical buildings will not leave indifferent any curious tourist. There's always a long queue. But the time spent on this will not be in vain. It's worth it.

After all, where else will you see such a vivid example of a real Gothic building? And that's not all. In Paris, also a great and unforgettable place is considered to be Notre-Dame de Paris. Since its Foundation, that is, since 1245, it has not changed much. While exploring the sights of Paris, passing through the place de Greve, you will see the Louvre itself. In its original form, you can notice the inner courtyard, which remained almost unchanged in comparison with the entire building. In the Louvre you can find a large number of ancient and great works of art from all over the world: thousands of paintings and sculptures adorn the room. With regard to the external environment, the beautiful glass pyramid and the architecture of the old time adorn the square in front of it. You can also take a walk in the beautiful Tuileries garden. Another interesting and visited place is the square of Concord.

After the towering column, you can see the beginning of the Champs-Elysees, where the Palace is the residence of the President of France. In addition, of course, a very large number of cafes, shops and restaurants will also please tourists. The fields end with the Place de Gaulle with its famous 286-step arc de Triomphe. Next, an excellent find for any traveler is the arch of La defense. In addition, there is a limitless number of notable places, such as museums and the Opera, the unforgettable beauty of the square, which is full of jewelry stores. Magnificent Royal castle, which is located to the North of the Louvre. It was built in 1632, where the wonderful beauty of the arcade will not leave any traveler indifferent. Also unforgettable and charming is the Champ de Mars, which is located close to the Eiffel tower. Here you can easily and calmly walk and relax.

Next to this landmark, you can see the Military school And the Cathedral of the disabled. In addition, there is also the Invalides House, the Sorbonne and the Church where the tomb of Napoleon is kept. It will also be wonderful if you visit the Latin quarter. Here is the most beautiful garden and a remarkable Museum of the Early middle Ages. You can also go up to Montmartre. It is the highest point of the city of love, where you can enjoy the splendor of the Sacre Coeur, decorated in snow-white color. A great place to diversify your stay in Paris is the Asterix amusement Park. And there's Disneyland not far from the city. No trip to France is possible without visiting this place. In addition, Paris is known for its football stadium. It was created very recently, in 1998 for the world Cup itself. I would like to tell you about many other beautiful and remarkable places. The beauty and atmosphere of Paris is indescribably beautiful. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, you can get a lot of other impressions. This is a real find for tourists. And it is simply impossible not to go back there again. Also in Paris, there is a large selection of escort call girls in Paris who will be happy to bring you a rest company!
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