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Paris: the city where dreams come true

Paris: the city where dreams come true
Paris is a wonderful city that symbolizes romantic feelings, is the personification of refined style and unsurpassed charm. Now this city is considered one of the most beautiful places for family holidays, for vacations of couples in love, and just for wonderful tourist trips. Indeed, there is everything you need for a holiday that will be remembered for a lifetime. Having visited this magical city, both children and adults get bright, amazing impressions, and after the trip they are completely delighted.

Just take a plane ticket from Moscow to Paris, and you will find yourself in a real fairy tale. In the French capital, you can see a lot of interesting sights and just very beautiful places. Every corner here is unique, has its own atmosphere and interesting history. In the city, of course, there are also such attractions that are famous all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of travelers from different parts of the world travel to the capital of France every year to see them. Here are a few places that every tourist should visit after visiting Paris. Of course, the first on this list is the Eiffel tower. This is probably the most legendary Parisian attraction. The steel tower of an unusual design represents not only strength, but also romance. Couples in love are often photographed near it. You can get to the top of the tower by using the Elevator. And at the top there is an amazing panoramic view of the entire city. It seems that Paris is completely at your feet.

Especially beautiful on the site of the Eiffel tower at night: in the dark, it is illuminated by thousands of bright lights. The Louvre, the museums of Paris. It seems that there is nothing more wonderful – to look at the amazing paintings and sculptures of great masters. Huge, full-length canvases, amazing frescoes-the Louvre always leaves the most vivid memories. There are amazing treasures in absolutely every Museum in Paris. You should see impressionist paintings, admire the paintings of Monet, van Gogh and other famous masters of world painting. Undoubtedly, the arc de Triomphe, which is located on the Champs-Elysees, is of great interest to travelers. This design represents the strength and power of France. It became a symbol of French victories and was erected in the capital in 1836. At the very top of the arch is an observation deck, which offers an amazing view of Paris. Many tourists like to walk along the Avenue - it stretches from the arc de Triomphe along the Champs-Elysees. The street is decorated with dense greenery.

Perhaps this street is the most famous in the French capital. There are numerous boutiques and branded stores with clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes from the most famous brands in the world. The catacombs of Paris are a historical landmark of the city. Parisian underground tunnels were built by the Romans. During world war II, these catacombs served as a shelter for the French resistance. Another beautiful place in the French capital is the Royal Tuileries garden. An amazing feeling: being in the center of a bustling city, this Park is a surprisingly calm, harmonious place where you can relax and enjoy communicating with nature. Temples and chapels of Paris are ancient attractions that will also be very interesting to tourists. Be sure to visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris – and you will experience the romantic story of Esmarald and Quasimodo, which was told to the world by the famous Victor Hugo.

While in Paris, be sure to take public transport, namely buses. You will be able to see, in this way, almost the entire city, to observe the life of ordinary residents of Paris. There are routes that will take you past the Eiffel Tower, the Latin quarter, wonderful gardens and parks. And, of course, take a walk along the Seine river embankment. This is another romantic place in the city. Look at the boats and barges, at the people who are busy with their own Affairs. This river has become a source of inspiration for many famous writers and artists. Here are just some of the attractions that we recommend to visit in Paris. Plan your route in advance and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in a city where dreams come true! Also in Paris, you can get escort services from escort girls in Paris, priestesses of love are waiting for you day and night.
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