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10 places not to miss in Milan

10 places not to miss in Milan

Located in the Northern part of Italy, Milan is the second most populous city in Italy and the capital of the Lombardy region. The city has ancient roots. It has long been considered the financial, commercial and industrial center of the country. In modern times, Milan has become one of the world's fashion and design centers. Fashion Week is held here every year. If you are looking for a way to plunge into the world of love - you require an escort of Milan girls, they will accompany you to relax in your hotel or in their discrete apartment!

For the traveler, Milan is a real treasure with a number of magnificent buildings, important cultural and historical sites, as well as world-class restaurants. Combining traditional tourist attractions and individual exploration is the best way to explore the city. Below is a list of 10 places and things not to miss in Milan.

10. Vinomilan is located in the region of Lombardy — a place that has long been famous for one of the best wines in the world. This is especially true for Valtellina red wine and sparkling Franciacorta. To visit Milan and not taste wine is akin to going to Paris without visiting the Louvre (if, of course, you drink alcohol). There are many wine bars in the city, you can take a wine tour or go on a day trip to the vineyards.

9. Navigli Channels

Nothing compares to the beauty of the canals of Venice, but the Milanese waterways also have a claim to fame — one of the channels was designed by the great Italian Leonardo da Vinci. The quiet atmosphere of the canals helps to take a break from the city bustle. Now the canal district has become a very interesting place with many unique shops, galleries, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. On the last Sunday of each month, an Antiques market is held here.

8. Corso Como

This art Emporium displays and sells everything from art objects to fashion items and books. The complex was established in 1990 as an art gallery and bookstore, but has grown to a center that includes a restaurant, cafe, and several fashion stores. This unique place is a magnet for people who are interested in various arts and fashion. Although the prices here are high, you will not spend time in vain, just by exploring this place.

7. Castello Sforzesco

A trip to a European city can not do without a visit to the castle-the Milan castle of Castello Sforzesco will not disappoint you. Built in the 15th century by the Milanese Duke Francesco Sforza, the castle has a long (and mostly depressing) history. Today, visitors can admire the structure that has become a symbol of the city.

The castle is designed in the architectural style of the Renaissance. It has a number of towers, battlements and courtyards, as well as Sforza rooms, where several public museums and art galleries are now perched. Castello Sforzesco is also home to Michelangelo's last unfinished work.

6. Via Solferino

This street, located 20 minutes ' walk from the picturesque Sempione Park, is a great place for everyone who is hungry. It is becoming more and more famous for its extensive selection of places where you can have a good meal. It has everything from wine bars, bistros and pizzerias to first-class gourmet restaurants. You should definitely look at Dry, where they make the best pizza and cocktails in the city, and Picasso-here you can taste traditional Italian dishes with modern additions.

5. The San Siro Stadium

Milan's San Siro stadium is the main stadium for two local teams — inter and Milan. If you are lucky enough to be in the city on the day of the match, grab a ticket and you will learn what the passion of the Italian fans who fill the 80-thousand-seat stadium is. If there are no matches, you can take a tour of the stadium and visit the dressing rooms of the two teams, learn their history and ideology.

4. La Scala

Italy is well known for pasta, sports cars and artists, but theater fans will assure you that not much can compare to the experience of watching Italian Opera. After seeing one of the performances at La Scala in Milan, you will see for yourself.

The theater opened in 1778 and has since been considered one of the best theaters in the world. For those who can't attend the performance (cheap tickets cost from 65 euros), you should just look into the theater — its strict facade, combined with gilded and velvet interiors, makes a great impression. The Museum and library located in the theater are also interesting.

3. Victor Emmanuel II Gallery

Named after the first king of Italy, the gallery was opened in 1877. It can be called one of the oldest shopping centers in the world. The gallery is a popular meeting place — the refined setting adds to the atmosphere and is an excellent example of architectural excellence. It consists of two intersecting passages topped with vaulted glass and decorative floors. This is a very beautiful place, so it is worth visiting even if you do not want to buy something here.

2. Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie

It is here in the refectory adjacent to the Church that the most iconic and mysterious da Vinci fresco "the last supper" is hidden, which depicts a meal at which Christ tells about the betrayal. The work was restored for 22 years and is now available to the public. The Basilica itself is also a tourist attraction. Its architectural style (a mix of Renaissance and Gothic) and frescoes by famous masters make Santa Maria delle Grazie an amazing cultural and historical landmark of the city.

1. Milan Cathedral

This marble Cathedral, which took more than 500 years to build, is known locally as the Duomo. The Cathedral is one of the highlights of Milan. The second largest Gothic Cathedral in the world is a real architectural masterpiece — the building rises 100 meters and is decorated with 3400 statues. The most impressive part of the tour of the Cathedral is a visit to its roof — a 100-meter section of the terrace at a height of 70 meters. It offers one of the best urban views in the world.
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