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places that a tourist must visit in Paris

7 places that a tourist must visit in Paris

Two crimes are closely connected with the capital of France: to go there and return alive and not to visit the sights of the city. The first is not terrible, it can be done, but the second is simply unacceptable. In this article, we will look at the famous and simply interesting places of Paris, which every curious tourist should visit.

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The Eiffel tower

Well, how not to start with one of the most legendary beauties of Europe and the world. Every year, more than 6 million tourists flock to the majestic tower. The entrance ticket costs about 15 euros, paying which you will get to the observation platform. This is not original, but how beautiful! About tickets: do not buy them at local agencies, where you will be charged 3-4 times more. There are pre-sale sites on the Internet, so we recommend using them. And since the queues to the tower stretch for many kilometers, and you can stand in them for 10-12 hours, buy tickets in advance.

Luxembourg garden

It's summer, the warmest time of the year. The most suitable time to visit the Luxembourg garden in the sixth arrondissement of Paris. The Palace and Park ensemble attracts tourists with its amazing atmosphere. And here's how to enjoy it: take a Cup of coffee in a cafe and go to the Park. Sit on one of the elegant chairs that are placed throughout the area. Take a slow SIP of coffee and look at the beauty before you. High!

Latin quarter

Young tourists want to have fun and socialize. This is why they come to the Latin quarter of Paris. It is located on the southern Bank of the river Seine and is considered one of the main youth centers of the city, which is understandable. Nearby is the famous Sorbonne University. Here's what you'll find: bars and restaurants, taverns, Italian pizza, Brazilian cafes where you can hear the sounds of Samba, kebab vendors and much more.

Many local establishments are around the clock, life is literally teeming from morning to night. Local teachers, students and ordinary vacationers walk from the heart. The disadvantage of this action is the huge amount of garbage that remains in the morning. Therefore, enjoy your vacation, but remember about cleanliness and order. Respect yourself and your neighborhood!

The Sainte-Chapelle

For lovers and connoisseurs of architecture. The chapel was built in the 13th century, it is considered an example of late Gothic. It was planned to store the crown of thorns of Christ himself, brought to Paris by Louis IX. On the walls of the building there are many amazing stained glass Windows.


If you are in love, romantic by nature, or come with your significant other, the legendary river Seine will be a must-visit point. It is used for day tours, during which tourists take hundreds of photos of local beauty. The photos will give you an eternal memory of your trip to Paris. And for those who want to arrange them in a romantic style, there is a So-called “hotel of feelings”.

The March Of Rue Claire

Every self-respecting Parisian visits this market. If you want to feel like a resident of the capital of France, be sure to walk around it. And discard all associations associated with a bunch of shopping malls and obsessive sellers. On the March of Rue Claire everything is very beautiful, and most importantly cultural.

Sacre Coeur

And how can you travel without music? There are a lot of street musicians in Paris, but most of them gather in front of this Basilica. And they perform a variety of music every day, from typical compositions to incendiary rhythms.

With the second option, you will listen without stopping. The Basilica is located on the most beautiful hill of Montmartre, which offers wonderful views of Paris. Performance of musicians, contemplation of the city's beauty, communication with tourists from all over the world – all this in one place. A great option for the final point of your trip.
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