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Tickets to work

Tickets to work
Very often on the Internet you can find announcements about inviting girls to work on urgent tours abroad (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, China, Lebanon, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, etc.). The company provides excellent hotel accommodation with meals. All this is paid by the employer. The rooms have TV with Russian channels and free Wi-Fi. They live in a room for one girl. Their income is calculated in the amount of 2000-6000 dollars per month.
The employer also provides full credit for tickets and a visa, pays for expenses for the first time, issues free clothes for working at the club, promises no problems with the police. Time for reflection, as a rule, no. It is necessary to solve and send your resume with a photo quickly, because actual offers are quickly closed by job seekers. What kind of work is this, and how profitable is it for a job seeker to lend tickets and everything else?
Do not flatter yourself: this work is related to the escort, consummation and intimate. An escort is an escort by girls of rich male clients on vacation and on business trips. Consumption is communication with guests of a nightclub with the aim of “unleashing” them to order expensive drinks. Well, the word "sex" speaks for itself, no need to explain its meaning.
But many girls are interested in this job, because it gives the opportunity to see the world, to meet rich people, to earn quite a lot of money. By the way, in addition to official earnings, girls often receive generous tips and gifts from customers, which is undoubtedly very nice.
Of course, finding a job abroad is possible without sex, for example, getting a job in a spa, hotel or modeling agency. Also, foreigners are often looking for Russian nannies for their children. But at such work you will not earn much, besides there are no guarantees that you will not be offered sex there either.
As for lending tickets. If a company credits, it means that it is confident in the success of its enterprise. Companies that are not afraid to take risks are usually large agencies that hire girls to work abroad. They have a lot of clients, so they provide jobs for almost all applicants.
You can learn more about working abroad in an escort or on consummation with the girls themselves. They often publish reviews in specialized forums. In general, it can be said that such a seemingly pleasant work is in fact quite hard work and has its own nuances.
Firstly, it is impossible to work on consummation on a tourist visa. In this regard, agencies that buy job visas for job seekers can help. Secondly, customers come across different, and they do not always respect women. Thirdly, ticket lending is a kind of financial bondage, as well as tickets and other services are much more expensive.
We wish you successful work abroad and fulfillment of all your desires! We hope that our article will help you with this.
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