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Traveling around Paris

Traveling around Paris

France. You can't stop being surprised at how beautiful this country is. Although it is relatively small in size, if compared with China, the United States or Russia, but it has many faces and is completely different from all other European countries. There is something strange and magnificent in it, History itself breathes in it, Eternity itself lives and several Epochs somehow got along at once.

Paris is a special place where, as a rule, most tourists rush and therefore it is not immediately possible to understand what is so pleasant and enticing about it. Why not immediately? Because behind the crowds of tourists, it is very difficult to distinguish the true Paris from the tourist "beaumont" Paris. At first, residents of the Russian expanses went to Paris to collect more fashionable "clothes", and everything else was of little interest. What kind of cultural values could we be talking about here, when at that time fashion brands and the desire to "show off" in front of their familiar companions were important. The realization that Paris is not only a market, but also a city of art and history came later, much later. And that's when we started looking at France, and Paris in particular. Also, the escort girls of Paris will be able to keep you company at any time for a walk around Paris!

And after looking closely, we realized how great it is that there is a city that has preserved so much that in one day you will not see and remember. A lot of things are really hard to see right away. For example, the Louvre. Everyone is running like crazy to see the famous "Gioconda". Although it is forgotten that in the Louvre itself there are quite a lot of rooms with other masterpieces of painting and even a few more interesting than this most famous portrait. No, we run and try to see a small portrait under a thick glass in the crowd. And there is also the Egyptian collection of the Louvre, which is also interesting. Therefore, very often tourists rediscover the Louvre, when they just walk through the halls and look at what they once ran in a hurry to the "Gioconda". The Louvre is not a Museum for an hour, or even for a day.

We have the same attitude towards Montmartre. Since childhood, we knew that this is a famous street where street artists often sell their works. But we didn't know that this is a very historical cultural center. It is on this street, for example, that there is a theater where the famous French actress Annie Girardot played for many years. There is also a cafe on this street, where the most famous artists of the late 19th century and early 20th century gathered – Mano, Picasso, Renoir, Matisse. Van Gogh has also been here. But we did not know such small details, we came here just to wander along the street and look at Paris from the observation platform from the huge height of the world-famous Eiffel tower.

But this is only about places in Paris. What does Paris itself mean? What kind of city is this? If there is a familiar Frenchman, then you are immediately very surprised at how different he is from the Europeans you know. It turns out a somewhat interesting mixture. As you know, the most smiling nation is the Americans. They smile all the time, and you get the impression that this is a nation of idiots. Although in fact they just behave themselves. The French have the same smile, but it is somehow softer and more lively and you understand that they smile precisely because you are welcome. The French are rarely quick-tempered, at least they are not as emotional as their Italian neighbors. The French are people of action, not of conversation. This again suggests a comparison with the Italians – they both speak and act, which sometimes does not coincide. The French have a different upbringing, they are more reserved in their feelings, but if they fall in love, they fall in love so much that such love is dangerous. No wonder they say that France is the state of love, and Paris is the capital of passion.

It is worth visiting Paris individually, and try to stay in a private hotel. Preferably in a less well-known place. And then after throwing off your bags in the room and a little rest from the flight, you should just go outside. I am sure that Paris will appear somewhat different. The first thing that catches your eye is the measured and quiet life of Parisians. Everything is done slowly and efficiently. The second thing that may surprise you somewhat is colloquial speech. The French speak less loudly, and make fewer gestures. French people can speak three languages fluently – German, Italian and, of course, French. So if you know English, you will not get lost in the city. And by the way, unlike the English, the French are always ready to help and suggest the right solution or the right move or which way to go to get to the metro station.  In the metro, you will also be somewhat surprised by the situation. The fact is that the metro in Paris is special – everyone just loves it. And here you can see all layers of the city's population from the homeless to the rich. And that's not all. Almost all of them will probably read. France is the most reading country in Europe. It is understandable, because it is from this people came Voltaire, Moliere, Diderot, Beaumarchais, Balzac, Dumas. So don't be surprised if half the people in the car will be sitting with their heads buried in books. By the way, it is in books, and not in electronic media.
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