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What is a room for an hour?

What is a room for an hour?
Now hotels for an hour are experiencing a phase of rapid development. But not everyone knows exactly what to expect from such hotels, what services they can provide.
Who needs a hotel service for an hour
This hotel is an excellent option for those who do not have the opportunity to rent an apartment permanently, but needs privacy at certain times. It will suit those who have their own housing, but due to various circumstances they cannot rest there as his soul requires.
Not always in the apartment where they live, perhaps, parents, children, there is an opportunity to realize their crazy fantasies, to plunge into the world of the most insane passions. And after many years of marriage, many couples suddenly realize that their relationship needs renewing. Lovers, tired of life and matrimonial ties, are also frequent guests of hotels for an hour.
It also happens that, in search of peace for at least a few hours, ordinary people who are tired of caring can rent a hotel for an hour. It may happen that you need a rest for just a few hours, and not for the whole day.
What are the hotel rooms for an hour
Signs of such hotels, as a rule, are not striking. After all, the main goal - the rest of the client. Nothing should disturb the guest to rest the way he wants it.
Equipping such hotels, designers can afford to realize the most daring ideas, surrender to the flight of fantasy. You can create an oriental style, then the interiors will be filled with original accessories in the spirit of Japan, India or China.
Or another great option - Italian style. It is worth thinking about the apartment for the newlyweds. After all, it is here that you can spend the magical hours of the first wedding night all alone!
Only the hotel will guarantee an atmosphere full of novelty, romance and freedom. Drunken relatives and friends of the family will not interfere, no need to think about everyday issues. Only He and She, and the completion of the most important thing in the life of both days.
And for couples who wish to surrender to passion and embody the most insane ideas, you can create rooms in a specific sado-maso style.
And if you keep in mind that ordinary tourists, traveling through the city for several hours, can become guests of the hotel, the design of such rooms can be quite simple. It is appropriate minimalism, classic style.
Features of guest service in hotels for an hour
First and foremost is privacy. The hotel staff receives guests warmly, but unobtrusively, without causing inconvenience and without requiring detailed reports. What is it for?
    creating a maximum level of comfort for guests;
    a clearer understanding of the needs and habits of the guests, to give them everything they need;
    achieve re-treatment in the hotel.
Another rule is maximum attention to each client. After all, a hotel for an hour is not an ordinary hotel, it is a place where a guest comes in search of rest. And the strength of the hotel to give his dear customer exactly what he is waiting for.
Hotel selection
If we consider European cities, then such hotels there are widespread. In our country, everything is different. If privacy is urgently required, then finding a hotel for an hour is not so easy even in a large metropolis. However, the situation is gradually changing. And there is an opportunity to quickly find a place for an unusual holiday!
Primary requirements:
    not far to get;
    rest safety;
    highly qualified staff.
There is no all this - and a romantic date will be hopelessly spoiled! Neither ardent feelings, nor hot desire to retire will help.
Naturally, the pricing policy of hotels varies. This applies fully to the hotel for an hour. They can be budget or expensive. It all depends on the location and status. Different can be the level of comfort provided to guests, design, furniture. This is what determines the cost of stay, which is calculated for each hour.
Hotels for an hour - this is a modern apartment, which has a set of furniture and accessories necessary for a good rest. Each room should be equipped with a private bathroom with a shower and a bidet, and in the case of a higher price category the client can count on a jacuzzi.
Hotels provide internet access. It is desirable that the room was a music center with a set of films and musical works of various directions. A wide bed, TV, air conditioning, dishes, disposable bath accessories are included in the mandatory dialing.
If the hotel itself has no restaurant or bar, then it is better that it is within walking distance. This will create additional comfort for guests and allow them to relax as much as possible. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the possibility of ordering over the phone food and drinks directly from the room.
Employees of hotels for an hour are cautious and tactful, they understand customers' wishes from a half-word, without asking unnecessary questions. The staff unobtrusively creates a cozy atmosphere for our dear guests, makes you forget that there are worries and problems behind the doors of the hotel.
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