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What is erotic massage?

What is erotic massage?
Each couple sooner or later realizes that the ordinary sex life is fed up and wants something new. Sex is not all pleasure. You can also make your partner enjoy an erotic massage.
Many couples have been using it for a long time and are happy to share their experience. But what it is and how to choose the right technique, we will try to figure it out.
What is erotic massage?
Erotic massage is not just a massage, which offers its customers beauty salons and massage rooms. This is a kind of pleasure, which includes not only massage, but also foreplay. Partners can relax and enjoy the body of their partner.
Erotic massage practiced in ancient times. The treatises that were written in ancient India and China were found. The teachings are informative and can tell a lot of interesting things. Our ancestors attached great importance to this and described the “game” in detail. They taught that you need to surrender to your partner with all the tenderness, alternate kissing and stroking. The main thing is pleasure.
From erotic massage you can get the same pleasure as from sex. It is important to do everything right, and then your partner will thank you. Much depends on the partner. If you are doing this with a loved one, then it will be pleasantly doubly. In order to bring all this to life, it is not necessary to enroll in special courses. Although, if you wish, you can sign up.
What is erotic massage for?
Erotic massage is a type of massage. And its main goal is not excitement, but maximum relaxation. It is very useful after a hard day’s work and has a positive effect not only on the skin, but also on the internal organs. With the right technique, you can awaken all life flows and bring back a good mood. You can awaken sexual energy and direct it in the right direction.
Erotic massage consists of
    Relaxing music;
    Aromatic oils and candles;
    Nice and relaxed atmosphere.
The atmosphere helps you relax and get a sense of harmony and tranquility. After the massage, you will feel a surge of strength and new sensations.
Massage can be done absolutely anywhere. It can be a bedroom, bathroom, office or in nature. The technique is easy and you can quickly learn all the nuances. But, you know your partner very well and therefore you understand what he needs and how best to perform the massage.
Types of erotic massage:
    Thai. It differs from other types of massages in that the whole body is involved in the process. They do massage not only with their hands, the whole body is involved. From it you can get great pleasure, because they pay attention to erogenous zones.
    Aqua. Do this massage in the bathroom or jacuzzi. A large amount of foam is added to the water. This type of massage is also called relaxing, because from the friction of the bodies of the partners receives maximum relaxation.
    Tantric During the massage, special attention is paid to the erogenous zones and genitals. Often, other parts of the body are not involved in the process. Massage is performed not with the hands, but with the bodies. Be sure to use oil to get the maximum pleasure.
    Sakura branch. The massage is performed with the tongue and lips. The process involves not only the erogenous zones, but also the genitals.
    Aquagel. Massage is performed in the shower, but the partner’s body is massaged not with the hands, but with the buttocks and the chest. For best results, use a special sliding gel.
    Massage rail. A rare type of massage, but very effective, because in the process, you can achieve maximum relaxation and work with your partner's sexual energy.
You can choose any type of massage, but when performing it, the main thing is not the technique, but the imagination of the partners. In each, you can make something of your own and make it personal, one that only you will like and bring pleasure to both partners.
Erotic massage can be considered art. He invented in order to bring pleasure, not just relax. Having tried once, you no longer want to abandon it and wake up every time invent something new.
The basic principles of erotic massage
They can be called the basic rules that are important to consider both partners.
Remember, during the massage you need to talk with your partner. And you should not talk about problems, but about your love, talk about your feelings.
To escape from problems and forget everything, you need to create a special environment. The candles should burn in the room and smell good; you need to create a feeling of complete peace and tranquility. Turn off the phone and turn on the relaxing music.
Do not forget about the massage cream. It is desirable to acquire a natural, with a pleasant smell. Essential oils should be chosen carefully. They should not only relax, but also excite.
For your partner to relax, you need to take a warm relaxing bath before the session.
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