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What to see in Paris

The city of dreams, or what to see in Paris?   

What is Paris? This word caresses the ear, there is something fabulous and dreamy hidden in it. Everyone knows that Paris is the capital of France and the capital of the escort girls of Paris. A country that is dotted with rainbow fields of lavender and juicy tart grapes.

 In Paris, any tourist can find something of their own: countless museums, avant-garde and classical theaters, escort services, escort incall girls, high fashion stores, fine restaurants and much more. What made the city so famous?

 Historically, the city was conquered by the Franks from the Romans. The Franks declared it their capital. Gradually developing, by the XVII century it had become the main political, cultural and educational center of France and Europe. Having survived the Great French Revolution, epidemics, attacks and other misfortunes, the city has only grown stronger and today is a historical monument, shrouded in a haze of mystery and charm.

What does the city look like today?

The city has not lost its former authoritative status. Today, it is home to more than two million people, among whom 15% are immigrants from Asia and Africa, the EU and the CIS. For security reasons, you should not go into areas inhabited by Africans. Industry is located outside the city, so the main factor of environmental pollution remains transport.  

What are the highlights of Paris?

The Eiffel Tower. It is worth climbing to see the entire panorama of Paris and even its surroundings. At 324 meters high, this tower is the modern center of the city. Great photos against its background can be taken in the Trocadero Square.

 The Louvre is a treasure trove of art. Inside you can find a large collection of works by all the most famous artists and sculptors. You can't pass by the enigmatically smiling Mona Lisa. Outside, the Louvre is a huge glass pyramid, in the reflection of which you can capture yourself against the background of Paris.

 The Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris is one of the best monuments of Gothic architecture. If you have read the novel of the same name by Victor Hugo about a desperate gypsy and a good-natured hunchback, then you will definitely not remain indifferent to this temple. It also contains unique Orthodox shrines, such as the Crown of Thorns.

 Montmartre. Here the life of the rich and artists was in full swing. No wonder this is the highest point in Paris, like a symbol of success and elevation above the rest. Here, at tables in cozy cafes, Picasso and Van Gogh spent time, and Salvador Dali looked in.

 The most charming avenue in the world is the Champs – Elysees. The idea of creation belongs to Napoleon. This has always been a favorite place for tourists, as there are restaurants for every taste, boutiques, a palace, a park, and museums.

 Latin Quarter. Here you can meet students of the Sorbonne-one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world, take a walk in the Luxembourg Gardens, look at historical museums.

 The Boulevard Des Capucines. It was here in one of the buildings in 1895 that the world's first film screening took place.

 The Cemetery Of Pere-Lachaise. Famous personalities such as the composer Frédéric Chopin, the singer Edith Piaf, the writer Oscar Wilde, as well as many other stars are buried here.

 The Defense district is the business center of France, or Parisian New York.

 The enchantment of such parks as the Champ de Mars, the Champs Elysees, the Garden of Plants, the English Park of Monceau, will leave a warm impression in the soul of any wanderer.  

Where can I have fun in Paris?

Traveling with children, it is impossible not to give them the pleasure to visit the best amusement park Disneyland. There are many outdoor and indoor attractions for all ages, cafes, themed rooms, actors dressed up as popular Disney characters, and much more.

 Such unusual museums as the Picasso Museum, the Orangerie, the Museum of Modern Art, the Wax Museum and others will delight even the most hardened tourists. Theatres of the opéra, the comédie-française, the Invalides, always with the doors open and welcome visitors.

 Dreamers will not be able to resist the temptation to take a trip on the original boat on the waves of the Seine to the sounds of delicious French tunes. The most desperate of them can enjoy the views of Paris by flying in an airship.  

How else can you spend money in Paris?

Inexpensive products can be found in the glorious department stores, where stores of popular brands have gathered. These are, for example, Galeries and Printemps. A good deal can be made in the main place of sales in Paris, which is called La Vallee Village Outlet Shopping. Here you can update your wardrobe with clothing from world brands at incredible discounts of 75%.

 French cuisine can be enjoyed at the Chez Clement Cafe, which features exotic snails, mussels and other local delicacies.

How to get around Paris?

The main mode of transport in Paris is, first of all, the metro due to its attractive cost and speed of movement. Suburban comfort electric trains and buses also run.

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