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Paris-tourist fairytale

Paris-tourist fairytale

Paris is a city that impresses with its atmosphere of celebration, romance and love, unique works of architecture, monuments, historical attractions, leisure entertainment, escort girls in Paris are also ready to accompany you on your vacation!

There is an expression that two things must be done in life-to get acquainted with Paris and die. Let's leave aside the question of death and wish everyone who reads this article to live long and visit Paris.

Once you enter the land of Paris, it will immediately engulf you in its arms, and may "take you prisoner" and keep you for a very long time. If he relents, he will let you go for a short time. Saying good-bye, only quietly chuckles. And only at home, away from Paris, will you understand this grin: it is impossible not to return to Paris.

Paris is huge, majestic, and unique. But the traveler does not feel alone. When he joins the stream of people in a hurry, he feels like one of them.

Paris is unique at any time – in yellow foliage, on a Sunny day, in gray mists. Snow is rare here. But it is during the days of snowfall that Paris is a fairy tale. So the song asks for the Parisian expanses: "This snowfall has not yet been known in these places. And the snow did not know and fell...".

Paris is not just about admiration. It can be serious – after all, the city has been the capital of France for fifteen hundred years.

Paris is colorful. Colorful will be the antonyms and epithets chosen to characterize it: polite, unhurried-always in a hurry somewhere. Relaxed, easy-serious, witty, - rational. And let's pay tribute to the French mind-it is free-loving, sharp.

Paris is a treasure trove of culture, and its inhabitants are not only admirers of culture, but also connoisseurs of language. Parisians are masters of words, speeches, spoken expressively and with humor (even business).

A resident of Paris is a charming person who has absorbed all the Royal etiquette. As soon as this person is in society, he becomes the center of attention and wins the hearts of uninhibited, charming. The Frenchman who is having fun forgets about his problems, and no one will say that he has them.
French chic in clothing is known to everyone. After all, it is Paris that dictates fashion to the whole world, although a Parisian woman can throw on a simple gray sweatshirt, which will look richer than a natural fur coat.
At any meeting, you will be looked over from head to toe more than once. They will take into account everything: clothes and shoes, socks and shoes, a woman's makeup, a man's tie. Pay attention to the harmony of the tie with the shirt. In addition, they will create an opinion about your wit and sociability. So the proverb "on clothes meet" is not suitable for the French nation.
The Parisian is said to be "on his own mind." He no longer waits for the king's favor, but makes his own way. A Frenchman should always be on the alert, watch his actions and expressions, because a wrong action or even a word can put an end to his career. A career is a lifetime for the French. To the top, the French are going slowly and systematically, it takes years, which become years of patience. However, the game is worth the candle.

Making a career, the Frenchman does not remember that you need to create a family. A girl will not give him her heart if a man has not achieved anything in life. Once married, the Frenchman becomes the exemplary head of the family. But the French have made the saying "one child is not a child" their own. In a French family, one child is rarely bored. Chad must have brothers and sisters. Fathers protect their children, take care of them not only financially, but also spiritually. Mothers at this time visit supermarkets, buy food, prepare meals, finding pleasure in this. A man-father appreciates this ability of his wife. Many Parisian families live in rented apartments – housing in Paris is expensive. But the family must have a country house where they spend their Sundays.
However, in recent decades, the habits of the French nation have begun to change. Women no longer want to stay at home and go to work. Receiving a salary, the woman began to pay for herself. A modern Parisian woman will not even allow a man to pay for her in a restaurant.
But the habit of being the center of the world, literally and figuratively, has remained with the French. On their land, the French accept people of different nationalities and get along with everyone, although a stable French perception of the guest has long been created.
The French simply tolerate Germans and Americans. Americans feel this and rarely appear on the streets of Paris. The English have adopted the language. Most of the French also spoke English. But the French are sympathetic to the Russians. They also sympathize with Russian classical literature. Of the writers in France, they like I. S. Turgenev. Everyone reads Turgenev's books. The French are a reading nation. In the Paris metro, there is a rare passenger without a book.

The French admirers of the beautiful, the beauty they are deified.
Paris dictated not only fashion, but also the manners in the handling, manners and style of conduct.
Paris is one of the few cities in the world that can be called a fairy-tale dream. A fairy tale becomes a reality, but you want to return to it again and again.
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