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The mistakes of men in bed

The mistakes of men in bed
Relationships between men and women in life depend on understanding each other in many things. This also applies to sex. But much less initiative is required from the woman here than from the man. Therefore, men begin to act and make mistakes. Consider some of them.
Make love without first falling in the shower
Men in most cases think that it is enough to wash once a week. But it is better not to forget about hygiene and take a shower before making love. The smell of sweat and socks can discourage any desire of a woman to have sex with you.
Rush events
Sex is not a race of formula 1, and, taking first place in prizes will not. Try not to rush things and learn to excite your partner with caresses and kisses. Light and gentle touches will make your girlfriend. Do not do everything so that there will be no offense from your partner. Everything should be in no hurry. The longer the prelude lasts, the better.
Learn to feel your woman, look for points for better stimulation. Almost all men have heard about the clitoris, but few know where it is. Having found this intimate place, you will deliver an unforgettable experience to the woman, and she will thank you in full.
Ignore condom
Reluctance to wear a condom will not lead to anything good. Excuses that it is inconvenient, and you completely trust her, and she must trust you, look ridiculous. If a woman wants this, and you refuse, you can incur trouble. She can take and leave. Therefore, we must agree on this in advance.
Keep quiet
Having sex without sound is an onanism. Do not hesitate, talk, be interested in your partner her desires, feelings. Even if she does not want to answer you, you can understand something by her behavior. Overdoing is also not necessary. All neighbors can be scared because of heart-rending screams. You do not need extra noise. Tell me how good it is with her that she turns you on. Jokes, jokes and similar things here, of course, out of place.
During sex you should not command your partner, how to lie down, turn around, which position to take. Here you are not a barracks, and your woman is not a soldier to shout to her "lie!", "Attention!". It is better to do everything calmly, gently, and looking into her eyes. You can not say anything, carefully directing her to the desired position, watching the reaction. A delicate, tactful approach will give much more results.
Ask uncomfortable questions
To ask a woman during sex how many men she had before you is very stupid. This way you put your girlfriend in an awkward position. Do not think that she will answer you. And if so, you may not like her answer. There must be a mystery in a woman. Do not brag about your achievements either. She probably is not interested in how many partners you had, so why should you know that? There is only you and her.
Don't kiss
Women love kissing. Everyone knows that. So why deprive them of this pleasure in bed? Even if you do not like it, you will have to love this activity so that your lady will be pleased. Kissing in the neck, ears, lips, even more excite your partner.
Insist on a certain pose
Beloved men pose "dog" like not every woman. The bed is not an animal world, where they know only one method of reproduction. Missionary posture is also outdated. Show your fantasy, surprise her. Read books about the art of love, do not hesitate. Everything is very exciting there, you will learn a lot of new things. Women like extraordinary personalities.
Be selfish
Do not think that if you had an orgasm, and enjoyed it, it means that your friend is fine. Remember, you were not engaged in masturbation, and your partner also wanted to have fun. A woman just as much as you wants to be pleased with sex. If you have an orgasm failed, ladies can find it on the side. And maybe this was your last meeting, because she wants to forget this evening soon.
Leave immediately
The biggest mistake is to leave right away. This is the worst thing you can do. In this case, you had better hire a prostitute. You fall sharply in the eyes of your woman. Do not hurt the lady, chat with her at least half an hour. She will be pleased, and you leave a good impression of yourself.
Fall asleep
If you turn away and snatch after a stormy love, this also will not please the woman. Even if you plowed all day like a horse, take a little time to your partner after sex. One sexologist said that women need sex after sex. True or not, but having chatted with her for about ten minutes will give her pleasure.
That's all. There are, of course, many more nuances that can be paid attention to, but these were the main causes of female discontent in bed. Respect your girlfriends, and then they will reciprocate. Good luck on the love front!
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