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Tourist Italy. Milan

Tourist Italy. Milan

Milan – one of the most picturesque cities in Italy – has repeatedly become the capital of the once powerful Roman Empire. Today, Milan is known to most of the inhabitants of our planet – for its magnificent theater "La Scala", which is the dream of all theater – goers, well-preserved monuments of architecture and culture, and magnificent museums. In addition, Milan is also a trendsetter of fashion, style and design with a worldwide reputation. As well as the escort girls of Milan vstrane Italy are ready to accompany you and make a tour of the city. This city is dynamically developing and constantly improving, life in it boils with inexhaustible force. Milan is located in the province of Lombardy, and is in fact its capital, the city's population is three and a half million people (including the suburbs). It is the second largest city after Rome in Italy.

Milan was founded in 600 BC by Celtic tribes – at least, in the sources of those years there are the first mentions of it. Soon the city became the property of the Roman Empire and since then has been a true Italian city.

Milan is a majestic, picturesque and bustling city, visited by thousands of tourists every year, because everyone will find something unique and interesting here. First of all, Milan is attractive for its cultural and architectural heritage. You should definitely visit the Ambrosian Pinacoteca-a Museum founded in the seventeenth century, one of the richest and best galleries in the city. Its founding father is considered to be cardinal Federico Borromeo. Paintings by famous artists-Raphael, Leonardo, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Titian and other equally great masters of painting. The most ancient public library in the country, the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, is located next to the Ambrosian Pinacoteca. Its Foundation dates back to 1609, but the structure is perfectly preserved and to this day this library continues to arrange interesting exhibitions.

La Scala Opera house is a real pearl of Milan, known to all cultural humanity. It was built in 1177-1178 by the famous architect Piermarini Giuseppe (originally it was the site of the Church of Santa Maria della Scala) and today it is the most famous, the most famous Opera house in the world. "La Scala" is known not only for its amazing acoustics, but also for the brilliant conductors (Toscanini) and composers whose works were staged here.

Milan Cathedral Is another building whose fame has spread far beyond the borders of Italy. Milan Cathedral is considered to be the fourth largest Church in the world. It is located in the city center and is traditionally considered a symbol of Milan. A special attraction of the Cathedral is a nail, which according to legend was brought here from the crucifixion of Christ. Inside the Cathedral there is a Golden statue "La Madonnina" - this is the patroness of the city, its most important and important attraction. A favorite pastime of tourists is to view the city from the roof of this building, their eyes are opened to a truly unforgettable and impressive sight.

The Sforzesco castle is a consistently interesting sight for all visitors to Milan. Once it was a military fortress, the construction of the castle itself was started by local residents in 1368. Then a powerful family – the Visconti clan-lived in this residence. The previous owners of the castle were replaced by the Sforza family, who finally transformed the castle, giving it a more comfortable appearance. Today, the Sforzesco castle is a kind of art gallery, where the masterpieces of such a famous master of sculpture and painting as Michelangelo are widely presented.

Visiting the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie will also be interesting for tourists, because it is here that the famous fresco of Leonardo da Vinci called "the last supper"is located. Thanks to the real success of the restoration, the mural again acquired a close to the original appearance.

In Milan, there is also a huge stadium San Siro-the birthplace of Italian football. Every year millions of desperate fans flock here for exciting and exciting football matches.
San Siro, as well as La Scala, is a kind of symbol of Milan, but it takes on its field not only great players. Many famous artists - such as Bob Marley and Bruce Springsteen-performed here.

Milan's nightlife also pleases visitors with its splendor and variety. The most popular discos and night clubs are Beau Geste, Caffe Roma, Cafe Atlantique, Casablanca, Gasoline Club, Hollywood Rytmoteque, La Rumba, Nepentha, Segreta, The Old Fashion Café. In Milan, incendiary fun music does not stop all night long, in the entertainment venues of this city you can have a great time and enjoy the most exciting vacation from the heart.
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