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What and who are individuals escort services?

What and who are individuals escort services?
 Among wealthy men, it is quite common for an escort girl to be used as an escort. Most of these ladies are luxury class prostitutes. They are perfectly adapted for high society, have a good education and a presentable appearance. These girls can provide escorts for corporate parties, in restaurants and even during trips abroad. Often, escorted services are provided by wealthy men for business or friendly meetings.
Sex and support
Not always escort services mean sex. There are girls who provide only support, but such a companion will be affordable for a very wealthy person. And its services can be provided only by a specialized agency.
In the escort one of the main roles is played by the knowledge of a foreign language, as often guests from other countries apply to the agency. Practically all escort girls of Sochi have this skill, they are also trained in high society manners and have excellent command of them. They have high-class appearance and advanced communication skills.
After being hired by the agency, the young ladies are immediately determined with their exact specialization: the provision of intimate services or exclusively accompanying ones. Many immediately agree with sex due to high fees. The agency clearly distinguishes between employees: if a girl was engaged only in escort, then she cannot earn a little on casual sex.
Escort agencies are tough on security. Therefore, regardless of client solvency, employees are not allowed to provide personal data, including telephone numbers of the residential address.
Cheap and angry
An elite girl is not everyone can afford, so women are always cheaper in the escort market. They are not bad with themselves, they try to match the status of Vip, but they have a number of “minuses” compared to the young ladies from the agency:
    Cheap clothes;
    lack of manners;
    bad Education;
    minimal communication skills.
Such a companion will not be able to raise the status of the client. With her you can walk to a nightclub or visit close friends. But the fact that one of those present in the company did not use the services of this lady.
Inexpensive prostitutes always agree on sex. They meet the needs of the client in any way possible, including striptease and exotic massage. High-class girls do not have to “make such sacrifices,” as there are many men willing to pay huge money just for going to a restaurant to the public.
To give preference
The status and financial situation is directly proportional to the choice of a companion. Significant events of high society suggest a luxurious and mannered girl specializing exclusively in escort. An example of such a lady are Vip-girls and women of Sochi. Their mind and beauty will enhance the position of men in the eyes of others. Specialists in the intimate sphere will leave a pleasant impression after spending the night with them. They also have good health, which is confirmed by medical certificates.
Inexpensive prostitutes are perfect for holidaying abroad. They will not give a man proper solidity, but will provide sex anytime and anywhere. Such girls of Sochi are trained in the art of love with the participation of all the orifices of the body, additional toys, as well as professional cocksucking.
Vip escort as he is
Model appearance does not characterize the girls from the escort. The main features of a professional companion: education, upbringing, refined manners and knowledge of foreign languages. Tall or full breasts will not provide the young lady the necessary beauty, sexuality and at the same time modesty. VIP client does not deserve the attention of cheap.
The starting price is in the price list. And this is only a support. Intimate services are paid separately, and their cost is much higher. It should be borne in mind that elite confused are completely healthy and receive guests only in apartments. In exchange for his generosity, a man, in addition to classic sex, can get anal and oral.
Cheap stuff will also fulfill the role of accompanying women at any events, after which there will be no questions with sex.
The choice is made based on the desires and capabilities of the client. But a wealthy man will never prefer the cheap VIP girl.
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