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Why do men need love that can be bought?

Why do men need love that can be bought?

Love can't be bought. So say the romantics, but the escort girls, and especially in Paris, are ready to argue with this statement. Escort has always existed, it is not for nothing that it is called the oldest profession. And you can't fight with this type of earnings, because there will always be a supply, if there is a demand. And there is a demand. Moreover, even those men who can't complain about the lack of female attention turn to escort girls. Moreover, married men also use the services of priestesses of love.

For what reason? Women probably won't be able to answer this question, although they are primarily concerned about it. And really – why do men, for whom an ordinary woman is ready to forget about decency selflessly, still buy sexual services? You can understand those representatives of the stronger sex who cannot build a personal life or have "specific tastes". But how to understand those who need only one look to attract any woman?

To find answers to all these questions, you just need to ask. Ask the men themselves – for what reason they turn to escort girls. Perhaps their opinion on this issue will be unexpected for women. Perhaps it even shocks someone. Nevertheless, this opinion is worth considering, and perhaps trying to understand. So, why men go to escort girls: conclusions based on surveys.

The first reason: entertainment. As it turned out, for men, sex does not mean love yet. There is love and sex, and there is just sex. How to go to the gym or a woman to visit a cosmetologist. A large selection of girls, the opportunity to get any services without additional obligations, relax. Someone is attracted by this, someone allows himself to satisfy the "male instinct". But in any case, men do not take this seriously.

The second reason: self-affirmation, the need for sex. Those men who are not in a permanent relationship turn to the priestesses of love. It is clear that in this case, the easiest way is to choose a prostitute and relieve tension. In addition, the services of corrupt women allow you to gain some experience, which is useful for men who do not have such experience or are not confident in themselves.

The third reason: diversity, the search for new sensations. A man has a girlfriend, or he is married. But the old passion has faded, and I still want thrills. Or the wife does not look as good as before, and the man wants a young, elastic body (for some reason he does not think about how good the man himself looks). Someone gets a mistress, and someone decides that it is much easier and more honest to buy a few hours of love from a professional.

Why is it more honest? Because in this case, we are talking about services that can be purchased without the emotional component of a permanent relationship to the detriment of a wife or girlfriend. That is, this is not cheating (from the point of view of a man). Whether it is treason or not, everyone decides for himself, but no one will refute the fact that it is much easier and even cheaper to buy a prostitute than to get a mistress.

The fourth reason: specific tastes. Not everyone likes classic sex and a missionary position - each person has their own preferences in sex. It is good if a man and his girlfriend or wife have the same tastes. And if not? In this case, a man has two options: to tolerate, without imposing his preferences on his beloved, or to periodically receive the desired sex from an escort girl. And we can not say that this is a bad solution to the problem.

Why an escort girl? It is worth noting that not all men turn to corrupt women. Some who are in a relationship, get a mistress, someone prefers to start a temporary relationship with ordinary, "honest" girls who do not see anything shameful in free love.  But those who buy the services of prostitutes believe that a mistress is too troublesome. After all, she needs all the same things as a wife. Attention, gifts, relationships. In fact, a mistress is a second wife or girlfriend. And if you only look for sex, then such a relationship is too burdensome. In addition, a relationship with a mistress is already a betrayal, which a man goes to if, in addition to sex, he also lacks emotions, feelings, and so on.

As for the "free" girls, it is always unreliable from the relationship with them. Firstly, in terms of health – it is such girls who do not like to protect themselves. Secondly, acquaintance with a beauty in a bar does not always end with a bed, since a girl can simply refuse. The result is lost money, lost time.

What conclusions can be drawn? Women need to understand that men have an exclusively consumer, even somewhat cynical attitude towards escort girls. Like dolls or exercise machines. And sex with a corrupt woman for them is nothing more than a way to relieve sexual tension or satisfy their needs, much better than satisfying themselves on their own or getting someone "on the side".
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