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Administration of this site, provides a platform for placing advertising on it and responsible for content of advertising can not be held. All responsibility for the content lies with the advertiser 

Site rules
Providing service assumes that you are familiar and agree with these terms and conditions.

General provisions
This project provides an exclusive right and the possibility of placing ads advertising on this site. Placed online questionnaire filled in by visitors registered independently and exclusively on a voluntary basis.
Administration of this site is not involved in providing any services for sex; It does not organize, does not involve, no one is forced into to engage in any activity. Photo, material posted in the member profile, are the property of their authors.
The administration does not enter into correspondence with the participants and visitors of the project with respect to the discussion of these rules, the functionality of the site and its content. Questionnaires are filled directly by the publishers own. These rules may be supplemented or amended unilaterally by the administrator at any time. This addition will be reported in this section. Credit funds are not refundable or exchangeable, even if the X amount remains on the balance sheet!

General rules for placing ads
Prohibited from posting pictures of persons under 18 years of age, child pornography, as well as profiles that contain any advertising. Advertisement publisher is solely responsible for its actions in the event of a possible violation of the current legislation, the potential damage caused to third parties by placing ads.
The management reserves the right to refuse to place ads on the site, without explanation. In the event of administration of a site provided by the ficRelaxDirous publisher information - display profiles can be suspended pending clarification of the circumstances and / or eliminate the causes.
The cost of accommodation is subject to change at any time and takes effect for existing subscribers from the next billing period and for new customers - immediately. In case of lack of funds in the account to host profiles, displaying it stops before entering, according to the cost of accommodation, sufficient funds in the account.

Registration on the site
For access to certain pages of the Site, you must complete the registration process, after which you get a login and password to your account. You are fully responsible for the security of your username and password. Administration site is not responsible for lost or corrupt data that may occur due to unauthorized access to your account by third parties.
You may not transfer your login and password to third parties. You agree that the management reserves the right to terminate your login and password, in case of violation of any provision of this User Agreement.

Providing data ad
Carefully thought-out application form for placement profiles - is the basis of the number of your potential customers. Completeness of the questionnaire is proportional to the number of calls. Remember that. Any information not conforming to the shape of the application for accommodation can be ignored by the administrator, or adjusted in accordance with the form of submission of the announcement and regulations.

The website is strictly prohibited:
- Insults and threats to other visitors and posted profiles advertisers.
- In the comments are prohibited expressions, contain profanity, degrading, inciting ethnic strife.
- Spam and advertising of any goods and services, other resources, media or events not related to the context of the discussion paper.

If you are under 18 years - to immediately leave the site!
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