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Escort Services in Paris - France

Escort Services in Paris - France
One of the highly paid jobs for girls models are escort tours. Such work is associated with the departure of girls abroad.
What are escort tours in France
This kind of tours are also associated with an escort, but have to work in France. Tours of this kind, have arisen in the beginning of the 21st century, in another they are also called city tours.
Includes such work trips in the short term in France, to provide escort services. More clearly, we can say that girls provide clients with intimate services for a fee, for example in Paris and other French cities. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions, but in our time, it is more refined.
A bit of history
When the Soviet Union collapsed, and the Iron Curtain fell, the notion of escort services began to appear with the departure of citizens abroad. Already in the 90s of the last century, some girls began their career in escort. True, the special distribution among the masses was not. As the country began to show more and more economic decline, and the lack of work, more and more girls began to see the escort as an opportunity to earn money and also to go abroad.
One of the incentives for such trips, of course, was the opportunity to visit France and see how people live there. At that time, of course, the countries of the West did not live their best times. But in comparison with life in the post-Soviet space, life abroad could have seemed like a paradise.
The main cons of the escort in the 20th century
In the 90s of the last century, escort services abroad were not without flaws:
    visa problems;
    costs directly related to the trip;
    very difficult relationships with employers;
    in almost all cases, girls had to give up their passport after their arrival;
    the minimum departure period was one year;
    most often, girls were abroad illegally.
In addition, there were minor drawbacks. The main difficulty was the problem of going abroad. And being in France illegally, deprived a woman of all rights. And in the absence of a passport, there is nothing to count on.
The revival of the ancient profession
In the late 90s, when a relative order began to appear in the country, and going to European countries was no longer such a problem, the life of citizens was simplified. Getting Schengen was no longer such a problem for the population, so the problem of an escort in France was solved.
Getting to another country was not so difficult. But the duration of the visa was up to 30 days, and after this period the girls were again in an illegal position.
When the socio-economic situation began to return to normal, the visa could be obtained for a longer time. And the girls who went to conquer the west, became more and more. At that time, their average monthly payment in France was 1-2 thousand dollars. For girls it was a great salary. When compared with the salary of truckers who received up to 40 dollars. per month.
The appearance of escort tours
Already in the 2000s, an escort abroad became quite popular among the population. The presence of a visa-free regime, or simplified obtaining of visas, made such trips more and more accessible. Therefore, the period of residence of girls abroad was becoming shorter. They could stay there for up to three months. And in 2003 such a trip could last only two weeks. Gradually, such tours began to be perceived by citizens as the norm.
The first countries to which girls began to go into prostitution for a short time were Greece and France. Earlier, Israel was considered quite popular, but there were tours for a longer time. He lost his popularity, also for the reason that the country began to strictly control the illegal prostitution.
That is why, the most frequent tours with the aim of escorting, came precisely to European countries.
Trips to France and other EU countries
The first tours for a short time, came to France, Greece and Italy. Every year, the number of girls who wanted to go to work abroad, turned out to be more and more. And all this is due to the fact that girls saw great advantages on such trips:
    they can now be absolutely legal in the country;
    relations with the employer have become more loyal;
    good pay for the time spent (up to 500 euros per hour);
    simple visa and low price for the flight.
That was the price tag for the first trips of girls to Europe to provide escort services.
Differences Tours
Despite the fact that girls now have a lot of options, and they can visit France and other European countries for a short time, the old schemes of work still have a place to be. Such schemes mean local services of girls engaged in prostitution. As a rule, this includes women from distressed European countries.
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