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How to rent an apartment near Paris

How to rent an apartment near Paris

How to rent an apartment in Paris for an escort girls? Many of those who ask themselves this question, often then refuse to rent an apartment in the capital of France, just because it is very expensive. However, there is an option to rent an apartment in the suburbs of Paris. This is much cheaper, because in Paris you have to pay a lot more for the prestige, and not for their own advantages of the apartment. And this allows you to live comfortably in France, realizing your dream of living in a modern European country.
So let's talk about how to rent an apartment in France, if you have in mind to choose an option near Paris. We hope that the step-by-step instructions on how to rent an apartment will help those who are going to do it, but do not yet have a very good idea how to do it.

Stage one: so you have arrived in France
You have arrived in France, and from the first day the question arises about where you will live. In fact, this question arises even earlier, because you can only get a visa to France if you have already decided on the issue of residence and know exactly where you will live in France. However, if you want to rent an apartment in France, keep in mind that it is almost impossible to do it instantly. Especially if you want to have a comfortable and high-quality housing in the end. So at first you will have to use the most simple and affordable options:
hotel. This is a fairly expensive option, but it does not require almost any documents and no additional difficulties. It is enough to have a passport and money, and in this case, opening a Bank account in France is not a requirement, the hotel owner is quite satisfied with cash. This is a crucial point for those who have not yet managed to open a Bank account in France.
stay with friends or acquaintances. If you have such friends, you are very lucky. You just need to remember that they will need not only to provide you with apartments for up to three weeks, but also to document that they allow you to live on their premises - the presence of the intended place of residence in France is mandatory for everyone who is going to move here. If you are going to stay at the hotel, you will need the same prior agreement with the hotel owner and possibly a prepayment.
rent cheap housing - the first one you can find. This is an undesirable option, because if you decide to rent a house in France, it is always accompanied by the conclusion of a contract and imposes obligations on you. Therefore, before you sign an apartment rental agreement, it is best to check everything and spend some time to find both a home worthy of your attention and an owner worthy of your trust.

How to choose an apartment near Paris
Let's start with the fact that almost always you will be offered apartments without furniture and appliances. These apartments are much more expensive, but the disadvantage is that you will need to get equipment and furniture from the very beginning. This is quite justified if you plan to live in France for a long time, but if you are only coming for a short time, then, of course, you should still look for apartments where everything you need is already there. Or buy inexpensive and most necessary furniture and interior elements.

The second point - if you are choosing a long-term housing to live in France, it is especially important to choose an option that would be near Paris (if you plan to visit there often), so that there is a convenient connection to the capital, as well as within walking distance there was everything you need - shops, schools, clinics, kindergarten.

Naturally, you need to see the apartment or house in person, pay attention to all its features, which will be discussed below. Only after you have made sure that this option is suitable for you, you can start drawing up the contract. By the way, before you rent a property in France, look at a few options. You may have already liked more or less some house, but when you look at a couple more, you will realize that the first option does not deserve your attention at all. It is much better if you make this conclusion before signing the contract, and we will also tell you why.

Opening an account in a French Bank
Currently, if you want to rent an apartment in France, opening a Bank account is almost inevitable. This is due to the requirement on the part of the state to enter into contracts when renting housing. In Russia, for example, there is also such a requirement, but it is rarely fulfilled, usually all the money is transferred from under the floor, and the tenant himself does not live on this area according to documents. In France, the law is always on the side of tenants, so if you decide to rent an apartment in Paris escort girl or near it, it is simply short-sighted not to use what the French state provides you. Moreover, the contract will really protect you from the threat of unexpected eviction (the landlord almost never has the right to do so without notifying you at least a month in advance, and even then he will have to pay a penalty if the contract has not expired), and from a sudden increase in prices for the rental service, and many other undesirable factors. Therefore, to conclude a contract solely in the interests of the tenant. If you use the services of a specialized company that provides legal support for transactions, then do not doubt that everything will be much faster and much easier for you, without unpleasant surprises.

To open an account in a French Bank, you either need to contact such a company, or send an independent request to the Bank. However, opening an account in a French Bank is often performed even before you enter the country, because opening an account is already an important condition for entry. At the same time, it is not enough to open an account, it is also important to put a certain amount on it to get the right to enter France. This amount also includes payment for renting an apartment, if you are going to rent it.

There are several payment options for renting an apartment, one of them is a transfer of funds to the owner's Bank account, the other is an automatic debiting of funds from your account to the account of the owner of the apartment, carried out by the Bank. By the way, in France there is such a format of guarantees for the landlord as an insurance account. The tenant's money is immediately credited to this account in the amount of the rental payment for the term of the agreement, for example, for one year. This is a source of peace of mind for the apartment owner, who will know for sure that during the entire term of the contract, he will receive his payment.

The law on the protection of tenants ' rights
After reading all this, you may have begun to think that in France, the system of renting apartments is extremely inconvenient for the person who rents them. However, French law strongly protects tenants, as can be seen in the following examples:

the landlord does not have the right to evict the tenant from the occupied premises ahead of time, until the lease agreement has expired. Otherwise, he will have to pay large penalties - not ten euros, but quite comparable to the amount of monthly housing payments, which is usually up to five hundred euros, in Paris more. The amount of the penalty depends on how many months the apartment owner did not wait for the end of the contract.
the landlord does not have the right to evict the tenant during the winter period, which in France, according to the law, is about six months. In this case, he will have to pay penalties in an even larger amount, and such payments allow the tenant to pay for other housing for several months.

Thus, the conclusion of a lease agreement in France is a very profitable business for both parties. And this explains why the French and foreigners who come to France, in most cases, do not try to agree verbally, but take a serious step called the conclusion of a contract.

Preparation for renting an apartment and signing a contract
Before you move in and sign the contract (or rather, usually in reverse order), it is advisable to pay attention to a few more points.

The first is the current state of the apartment. This is worth paying attention to and based on the fact that you were comfortable living in it, as well as in order to get rid of any claims in the future. For example, if the bathtub has a chip, you need to mention it in the contract, as well as make a dated photo that shows the condition of the bathtub before your arrival. The same is desirable not to forget to do with all other obvious defects that may exist.
Second , you will often be offered a Parking space along with renting a house, and in addition, a wine cellar - the French are great connoisseurs of wine, and this is a very common room in most homes. If you do not need this, try to arrange that such "additional services" are not included in the contract price. However, this usually involves a small cost, and this will not be a significant problem.
Third, the contract must specify who makes the payment for utilities. It is possible that it is distributed in parts between the apartment owner and the tenant, which is often the case. In this case, the owner, for example, pays all the payments that he would have paid in the absence of residents in the apartment - the tax on ownership, heating. The tenant pays for everything that he spends - light, gas, water. Do not forget that the payment for water supply in France is a significant item of expenditure and almost everywhere there are meters, and the rates differ significantly from those in Russia! As for electricity, France quickly learns never to turn on the light where it is not used specifically at the moment, and instantly turn it off, leaving the room even for one minute.

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